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The Annelemma menstrual bracelet


is a unique accessory designed to help women track and understand their menstrual cycle. It is made of a silver casing that protects the internal mechanical parts. The bracelet serves as a useful tool and a long-lasting elegant piece of jewellery.

The bracelet has a special feature of lights that mimic sunlight. These lights indicate where a woman is in her menstrual cycle, helping her predict and prepare for her period, ovulation, and fertile days. By wearing the bracelet, women can stay aware of their body's natural rhythms and take control of their health.

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empowerment and self-love

Annelemma encourages women to listen to their body's needs and practice self-care during different phases of the cycle. It serves as a reminder to honor and respect the body's natural processes. The bracelet symbolizes empowerment and self-love, allowing women to take ownership of their cycle and embrace its beauty with mindfulness and grace.

With Annelemma, women can embrace every season of their cycle with confidence and self-love. It is a powerful ally that helps women connect with their bodies, cycles, and feminine power, making their lives easier, more comfortable, and more enjoyable.



The Annelemma menstrual bracelet works by using lights to track your menstrual cycle. It has a simple design with a single button that starts the lights cycle. The lights are arranged in a circle and move around the bracelet in a clockwise direction.

To use the bracelet, at the beginning of your menstrual cycle, you press the touch button on the hinge. The lights will start moving around the bracelet in a 28-day loop, indicating where you are in your cycle. As the days pass, the lights will continue to move around the bracelet, representing the different phases of your menstrual cycle.

The lights are bright and colorful, providing a beautiful visual representation of the changing seasons of your cycle. By watching the lights move around the bracelet, you can easily keep track of where you are in your cycle and stay informed about any changes happening in your body.

When you're not looking at the bracelet, a simulated sun will trace quickly around the bracelet, hiding from your surroundings where you are in your cycle. Only when you look at the bracelet, the sun will find the correct place to reveal where you are in your cycle.

In summary, the Annelemma menstrual bracelet uses lights that move around the bracelet to help you track your menstrual cycle. It provides a visual reminder and keeps you informed about the different phases of your cycle and any changes occurring in your body.

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