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One of the standout designs from Pauline's Hagan collections is her signature big chain. This particular chain has garnered significant popularity among our customers. It is available in various captivating varieties, each offering its own unique aesthetic.I had the privilege of creating these signature big chain necklaces for both the online shop and custom orders.

The first variety is a clean and minimalistic version, crafted solely from large chain circles made from wire. This design exudes a sleek and contemporary vibe, with its emphasis on simplicity and understated elegance.

Another variant of the signature big chain combines simple rings with organically shaped rings. This fusion of geometric and organic elements creates a visually dynamic composition.

Both variations of the signature big chain are available with the option of adding a pearl or without one.


The simplicity and clean aesthetics of the design initially led me to underestimate the challenges involved in achieving perfection. However, I soon realized that the seemingly straightforward appearance of each silver part demanded meticulous attention to detail. The process of ensuring each element was flawlessly executed became a significant challenge that required time and dedication to master.


One of the major tasks we undertook at Pauline's Hagan studio was renovating three distinct designs of Pauline's rings for her online shop and markets. This involved investing numerous hours in the meticulous process of refurbishing, polishing, and adjusting sizes to cater to specific customer requirements. It was a valuable experience that provided me with extensive training in the art of finishing casted rings.

Renovating these rings required a delicate touch and a keen eye for perfection. We meticulously polished and refined each piece, ensuring that it regained its original luster and allure. It was a process that demanded patience, precision, and a deep appreciation for the artistry involved.

In addition to the restoration work, we also dedicated time to adjusting the sizes of these rings for specific customers. Customization was an essential aspect of our service, and we took great care to ensure that every customer received a ring that fit them perfectly. This attention to detail and personalized touch set us apart and contributed to the overall satisfaction of our clientele.

Through the process of renovating and customizing these bold statement rings, I honed my skills in finishing casted jewelry. I learned the intricacies of handling sterling silver and gained a deeper understanding of the art of jewelry restoration. It was a rewarding experience that allowed me to refine my craftsmanship and develop a keen eye for quality.

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