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Sketching: The journey began with sketching our designs for Mea Culpa's jewelry. We envisioned bold and minimalist pieces, capturing the essence of our brand's aesthetic.

Wax carving: We then translated our sketches into tangible forms by handcrafting wax models. With careful precision, we sculpted the wax, refining the shapes and lines to achieve the raw and clean look that defined Mea Culpa's jewellery.

Before the silver can be cast into jewelry pieces, it undergoes a process of preparation and melting.

Mold making: To preserve the wax models, we created molds that captured their intricate details. These molds ensured that each silver piece faithfully replicated the original wax carving.

Casting: Using the molds, we heated silver until it reached its molten state. The liquid silver was then poured into the molds, filling the voids left by the wax. As the silver cooled and solidified, it took on the precise shapes and textures we had carved.

Cooling and cleaning: After the silver had fully cooled, we delicately removed the pieces from the moulds. This step revealed the raw beauty of the silver jewellery, showcasing its clean lines and bold presence. We cleaned each piece, ensuring that no traces of the casting process remained.

Finishing touches: With a focus on minimalism, we took great care in refining the final appearance of Mea Culpa's silver jewellery. Through polishing and buffing, we enhanced the silver's natural luster and texture. The end result was a collection of striking pieces that exuded confidence and made a powerful statement.

By following this process, Mea Culpa's silver jewelry came to life, embodying the brand's vision of raw, clean, and bold aesthetics. Each handcrafted piece showcased the innate beauty of silver, without the need for gemstones or additional embellishments.

Creating a ceramic sculpture to display Mea Culpa jewelry involves a hands-on process that embraces the bold and raw aesthetics of the brand.

Design and conceptualization: The process begins with envisioning the sculpture's design. Taking inspiration from Mea Culpa's style, the sculpture is planned to be bold and raw, devoid of any glaze. The concept includes strategically placed holes where the jewellery can hang and lay randomly, creating an organic and dynamic display.

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